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Case Study: Tommy Rock

Feeling rushed off your feet with never enough time or simply lacking concentration throughout the day?

It is very common to feel like you are juggling a million and one things, continuously chasing your tail. With work commitments, social gatherings and family life to contend to, energy and concentration can take a hit when you need it most. There is however a simple and effective solution to boost your mental performance and assist with mental clarity.

Focuson is a scientific dietary supplement designed to provide long-lasting signal enhancement between neurons, which basically means allowing your brain to engage faster and for longer. It’s suited for people who want to boost their mental clarity and utilise their ultimate mental performance, whether it be for study, work, play or general well-being and a love of life.

Tommy Rock and Nik Kershaw
Tommy Rock (left) with Nik Kershaw

Tommy rock is a singer and musician and the manager of Professional Covers Band as well as a Martial Arts instructor that owns and oversees a chain of Martial Arts Dojos As you can probably guess Tommy’s weeks are strenuous and recently he went through a period where he felt that he just couldn’t keep.

“Due to the physical and mental stress and strain of running both of my businesses I was experiencing a lot of fatigue and was always tired, as a result I was lacking in concentration and mental performance with normal daily tasks”

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and in a life rut, Tommy decided to try focuson to see if it would give him back his edge.

“When I first looked at trying the nootropic Focuson, I was looking for a way to stay focused for longer periods of time, improve my memory, boost my clarity of thought and to feel less fatigued. The result was amazing! I found that by taking Focuson first thing in the morning, within 20 mins I was up and about getting things done and before I knew it half the day was gone!

Focuson consists of clinically-tested ingredients that work to increase synaptic plasticity. Synaptic plasticity assists with increased concentration and long-term memory, motivation and mental endurance, the ability to retain information, as well as improved mood, well-being and social confidence. The changes Tommy experienced with his overall mindset after taking focuson were truly phenomenal.

I found my productivity more than doubled, my memory was sharper and I was able to stay focused on the task at hand… I also found that if I wasn’t doing anything and a thought popped into my head, before I knew it I was up getting it done!

After a week I decided to stop taking Focuson to see if it would make a difference… it did… a big difference! I noticed my fatigue came back, like before, I was tired all the time, unable to focus as well on the task at hand and my energy, drive and motivation lessened greatly, I did however notice an improvement with staying positive in stressful situations even after taking Focuson so it must of had a lasting effect.

What’s great about Focuson is that it is a natural nootropic that I can get over the counter, so now when I need to focus on learning or writing a new song or I have a performance or a training session to get to where I really need to be on my game, I know that Focuson will help me to get it done!

Tommy now ensures he always has a supply of Focuson handy for those weeks he knows he may need an extra boost.

I would highly recommend Focuson to anyone who needs to learn, concentrate for long periods of time or who simply wants to improve their mental clarity and feel more focused and energetic.
Tommy Rock, Martial Arts instructer and Musician

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