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Case Study: Gabrielle Stembridge

Have you had a change in situationleaving you feeling unmotivated or down for no reason?

Big or small, life’s changes can take a toll on our bodies more than we realise and can even leave us feeling down for no apparent reason.

A change in career, relationship or family stresses, even simply growing older can have an impact on our mental health and have us feeling unsure of where we’re headed in life. It’s incredibly common to not feel quite right, and have the odd feelings of depression but there is however, a simple, effective and natural solution to give your wellbeing and mental health a boost back to its best.

Zaytia Coulter
Gabrielle Stembridge - 65 Year Old Retiree.

Focuson is an over the counter scientific dietary supplement designed to provide long-lasting signal enhancement between neurons, which basically means allowing your brain to engage and function at its optimal level supporting optimal mental health. This enhanced state of mind allows people to achieve their ultimate mental well-being, whether it be for study, work, play, or a general love of life. Read more about how the nootropic Focuson helps support mental health “here”

Eighteen months ago, Gabrielle Stembridge, a 65-year-old mother and grandmother from Waitakere, made the decision to retire. At the time, she had no idea how much of an impact the transition would have on her overall mental health and mindset.

I went from a stressful job as a director of a company for 12 years, responsible for 44 people, to much quieter days around home and I suddenly felt like I had lost my purpose.

Feeling down and un-energised about life, Gabrielle started taking Focuson and experienced unbelievable changes to her positivity and motivation.

Focuson consists of natural clinically-tested ingredients that work to increase synaptic plasticity. Synaptic plasticity assists with increased concentration, motivation and mental endurance, as well as improved mood, well-being and social confidence.

I was initially put on anti-depressants and only a few days in I just knew they weren’t for me, I wanted a natural alternative and something I could just get over the counter. Focuson gave me the ‘go’ that I lost when I stopped working and made me feel clear in my head. It gave me the power to set myself goals and stick to them. I started walking everyday – I’m now walking nearly 40km a week and I love it. I still have to work on my mind and keeping it positive but they give me the drive and motivation to do it and i’m not feeling down for no reason anymore

Gabrielle takes two Focuson tablets each morning and has been doing so for the past year. She sometimes wonders if she weaned herself off them whether she could maintain the level of motivation on her own, but she’s not willing to give that a go just yet.

I no longer feel down and that’s what’s working for me!

Zaytia Coulter 24 Year Old Business Student from New Zealand

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